YAMA PLUS ニセコマウンテンブランドとは、ニセコローカルアパレルブランドです。


「よく働きよく遊べ」をモットーに、ニセコの山が好きな人々が 山 + x = ∞という形で各々のYAMA+を作っていただけるよう考えてデザインしました。ニセコは山だけでなく、1年を通して素晴らしいモノ、ヒト環境が整っている場所です。


​あなたにとっての YAMA + は何ですか?

YAMA PLUS is the new apparel brand made by Niseko Sports in 2016, born out of the love of mountains by the team. 

YAMA means mountain in Japanese. YAMA PLUS is a brand meant for those who enjoy the mountain lifestyle. We are bringing a new possibility for people to express themselves as a community. Though YAMA is the core essence for Niseko, there are many different ways of leading our lives here. While one may love riding on the powder snow, for others Niseko is a place to play golf, rafting, hiking, mountain biking, road biking etc with Mount Yotei as a backdrop.


Our motto is "Work Hard, Play Harder".

Then, What is your YAMA + ? 

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